Yorkshire and Humberside Couple Swapping

In Yorkshire and Humberside there are a lot of York Swingers and as a result, a lot of couple swapping goes on. This is something that a lot of people enjoy doing because they will be able to enjoy the company of another person while not technically cheating on their partner. Just make sure that you know the best and easiest ways for you to be able to successfully take part in couple swapping.


There are a lot of different parties that you can go to that are dedicated just to couple swapping. You and your spouse will go and they will have a system where you will swap with a different couple. These used to be called “key parties” because they would all put their keys into a large bowl. Whose keys you pulled out of the bowl was the person that you were going home with.


A lot of swingers clubs will have nights just for couple swapping. This is something that can really help when it comes to getting yourself out there and having a lot of fun with different couples. You will have more options and you and your partner will be in a more exciting and fun setting.


Go online if you and your partner are just looking for one couple that you can switch up with. A lot of couples prefer to not have to be in a large crowd and have so many people to choose from. They will opt to go online and search a couple out and then go from there.

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